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If you wish to make the right kind of investments using your hard-earned money, and then enjoy the privilege of earning a passive rental income without a hitch, you ought to hire a reliable and committed property manager. You can put aside all the troublesome affairs of follow-up, inspections, maintenance, rent / deposit collection etc. Everything will be taken care of by your property manager.

In this digital era, where the whole world chooses to communicate online, NSR can directly get in touch with your tenants on day-to-day affairs, maintenance requests, etc., as you relax and get to know the updates and track everything through our digital platform called Happy Landlord. Our efficient CRM system enhances the timeliness and quality of our property management strategies as we have streamlined each process to fulfill your needs through our digital platform.

We optimize your ROI by choosing the right location / layout / room type etc. Because in Dubai there are many developers with different concepts befitting different requirements; and choosing us saves you time and money to find the best choice for you. From buying to leasing and managing, you can avail all services from us. Our network of accountable vendors, engineering teams, popular interior designers, and other contacts from multicultural and social backgrounds have been working with us since our inception. Our collective experience of more than several decades can come handy when it comes to choosing the right plot for you to play your trump card.

a. A copy of your valid passport
b. Proof of property ownership such as a title deed
c. A copy of your valid UAE Residence Visa
d. A copy of your Emirates ID

Experienced and expert real estate brokers like us have numerous potential contact base thereby enabling us to enhance the visibility of your property. We use different social networks including our exclusive digital platform to list your property, display and promote its features in the local as well as international property portal. We display eye-catching pictures and breathtaking videos of your property in order to attract potential buyers / tenants.
At the present time, based on the instructions of the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship, it is not possible to apply for a real estate residency if the person is outside the country.
Yes, if you pay 2 million AED of the property’s value, you can apply for a 10-year property investor Visa. You must bring a letter of authorization from the mortgage bank as well as the total amount paid on the mortgage.
Yes, the investor who has a real estate residency can apply for a temporary work permit from the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization to work and join any institution inside the emirate. The investor can also apply for an investment license from the Department of Economic Development based on the terms and requirements.
Yes, the investor who has obtained real estate residency can apply for a request to sponsor his/her children and parents according to the requirements approved by the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship.
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