Professional Property Management Company in Dubai

N S R Real Estate as an experienced property management services company in Dubai, we create an interconnection between the property owner and the tenant who can achieve fair deals and gain mutual benefits by collaborating with us. Being a professional real estate management company, we value our words as much as we value your trust and therefore, we have no empty promises to make. We give you the credibility and security that your investments deserve and our commitment to securing surprising returns for you is always upheld by the right moves.

As one of the best professional property management company in Dubai, our aim is to safeguard your investments by being ultra-careful in ensuring perfect compliance with your interests. We rewrite the evolutionary tale of the real estate market by capacitating our agents with adequate training, polished skills, shared values, knowledge, and genuine ethics that our esteemed clientele can trust. Thus, we strive to leave no stone unturned in order to prevent untrained individuals from misguiding potential investors.

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Managing Your Kingdom of Joy

Financial Management

Timely remittance of all payment dues including rent, utility bills, maintenance charges and other occasional expenses is guaranteed as we value your time and money equally. With our rich experience in real estate management, we help you make informed decisions by collecting and consolidating financial information related to your investments or portfolio in a well-structured and comprehensible manner.

Property Marketing

One of the important roles of a property management company is to ensure to avail the highest possible visibility for your properties through profitable collaborations with numerous credible portals in Dubai. Our global network gives you returns at a larger scale than the amateur brokers you may stumble across in the market. Because your trust fuels our mission to grow beyond our limits.

Screening & Documentation

We conduct a careful examination and evaluation of the tenant applications so as to verify their financial stability, tenancy history, and reliability. This is not just about facts and figures; this approach helps us to understand the people behind each application thereby fostering healthy communities within the properties that we manage.

Rent & Deposit Collection

We have meticulously designed a systematic approach in order to help the landlords track their earning effortlessly. We also have set up a methodological procedure to ensure that the security deposits are collected, documented and securely held as per the mutually agreed regulatory guidelines.

Property Inspections & Snagging

We treat your property as if they were our own. As an experienced real estate management company in Dubai, our field experts conduct periodic inspections of your properties to ensure that they are well-maintained. If you are receiving a property handover, we ensure that what you receive is worth your investment.

Planned Preventive Maintenance(PPM)

We ensure that your assets and properties are maintained proactively by scheduling and performing maintenance tasks regularly, minimizing unexpected breakdowns, associated downtime and costs, thereby extending the lifespan of each asset.

DEWA Connection

We leverage our experience and expertise to ensure a prompt and smooth communication so as to expedite Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) connection for the convenience of the tenants as well as for the overall functionality of the property.

ROI Optimization

We can make accurate marketing valuations utilizing the real-time data on both the listing as well as the transactions. Several strategies for asset diversification, market positioning, risk mitigation, rental income improvement, property upgrades, expense management etc. will be planned in accordance with your needs.

Real-time Reporting

Landlords can check their units' status and income details anytime from anywhere through our digital platform without a hitch. Because we believe that our core value of being transparent becomes the cornerstone of our success.

RERA Compliance

We have a high regard for the rules and regulations set forth by RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Authority) as we built our empire on the pillars of accountability, commitment, dedication, and excellence. We believe that we are bound to safeguard your rights with utmost dignity and ease by integrating these regulations into our business relationships and daily affairs.

Property Revamp

We also help you upgrade the interior design, furniture, etc. and we can even help you with an overall renovation of your dream home. In addition, our digital solutions help both the parties experience convenience and transparency. We are at your service no matter what your real needs are. Because we believe that your place of residence should be your cocoon of happiness.

Contracts & Renewals

We help you navigate through all intricate and complex legal formalities such as Ejari registrations, tenancy contracts, etc., making it a smooth sailing for you on your behalf. We devise a comprehensive strategy that protects a delicate balance of legal obligations, financial considerations, tenant satisfaction, and the interests of the landlords.

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