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Who All are Eligible for
Dubai Golden Visa?

The applicant must be inside UAE and must own one or more properties in Dubai worth at least 2 million AED. Husband and wife can jointly invest in one property. If the property is mortgaged or on an installment plan, the bank or developer must be paid at least 2 million AED of the property’s worth. An NOC will be required as well as the amount paid from the mortgage.

In case if the property is jointly shared between husband and wife, the marriage certificate attested from MOFA and legally translated to Arabic needs to be produced. Also, the property share must be equal between both parties. In case of unequal shares, the highest share holder will only be permitted to apply as a primary visa holder and then sponsor the spouse.

Title deed owners can apply for Dubai Golden residence visa application if the market value exceeds 2 million (official evaluation certificate is mandatory). Title deed jointly owned by partners is also acceptable if the applicant share is worth a minimum of 2 million AED.

People with exceptional skills and calibre including doctors, scientists, creative people of culture and art, inventors, executive directors, specialists in scientific fields, outstanding high school and university students, athletes, doctoral degree holders, pioneers in humanitarian work, frontline heroes, and specialists in the fields of engineering and science with relevant certificates and documents are eligible for Dubai Golden Visa.

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Requirements for Dubai Golden Visa Application

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