The Farm Garden2

Rustic Bliss with A Modern Touch

Nestled in the heart of Dubai’s most coveted desert farming area, Farm Gardens 2 transcends the ordinary, offering more than just a residential community—it’s a sanctuary of privacy, tranquility, and boundless energy. Life within this unique haven is characterized by simple pleasures: leisurely strolls through lush greens, friendly waves exchanged with neighbors, and moments of quiet reflection while taking in panoramic views. Combining timeless elegance with rustic charm, Farm Gardens 2 provides an idyllic lifestyle reminiscent of traditional desert farms.




AED 7.2M

Starting From


A Range of Amenities

At Farm Gardens 2, every amenity orchestrates a seamless blend of serenity and activity. The landscape is adorned with serene gardens, providing a peaceful escape amidst the daily hustle. With lush entranceways leading to a world where relaxation and activity synchronize, Farm Gardens 2 ensures residents experience a perfect blend of luxury and leisure.

Infinity Edge Pool

Yoga Platform

Paddle Tennis Court

Landscaped Walkways

Communal Farming Areas

Outdoor Play Areas

What’s Nearby

Situated along the Dubai—Al Ain Road, Farm Gardens 2 enjoys a prime location within The Valley, offering residents a gateway to both convenience and nature. This major connection point between Dubai and Abu Dhabi ensures easy access to key areas in both emirates.

-5 Mins from Rugby Sevens Stadium
-8 Mins from Dubai Outlet Mall
-25 Mins from Burj Khalifa
-25 Mins from Dubai International Airport

DLD Permit Number: 2137763180