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Dubai being one of the hot spots for real estate investment in the world, and with its attractive golden visa features, it attracts investors from all over the world. When buying a property in Dubai, one must be aware of the title deed, which is a very important document. In this article, we will discuss everything about title deed, and this help you when making a real estate investment in Dubai

What is a title deed in Dubai?

Similar to other countries, a title deed in Dubai is a legal document that serves a proof of ownership for the property you own. The registration of title deed in Dubai is done by Dubai Land Department, and the title deed serves as the most important document for financial transactions, selling or mortgaging the property.
So, when you buy a property in Dubai, it is really important to ensure that the information on the title deed is accurate and upto date to avoid any ownership complications in the property you own in Dubai.

What information can be found on the title deed?

The title deed infact covers all the important information about the property. The deed will have information about the property identification number, location details, and the information like property owner’s name and added.
The deed will also contain information about the nationality of the property owner, description about the property like whether its a villa or an apartment and also the size and dimensions of the property.

Further, the title deed will have details like the date of issuance, and history of previous owners (if any)

These are the important information one can find on the title deed. The title deed of a property will have almost all the details and the ownership history of the property.

How can one get a copy of title deed in Dubai?

Dubai’s DLD has made downloading of title deed very easy and transparent. To download the title deed, one can use the app od DLD named as Dubai Rest. Using this app, one can enter the relevant information about the property and download the title deed through this app.

What is the processing time of title deed in Dubai?

The processing time to obtain a title deed depends on the type of application you submit. If it’s a regular application, the processing time is around 30 days. This is from the date of when you have submitted all the documents and from when your application is approved.

In case, if you are in need of title deed urgently then you can opt for urgent application. The urgent applications are mostly processes within 3 days time. The urgent applications come with a fee, and you need check the DLD website for the latest fee.

The processing time mentioned above is only estimates, and may differ depending on the complexity of the transactions, verification of submitted document and other factors.

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